What does Trans-Continental Systems technology center offer you?


Up to the minute, real time dispatching services.

Integrated document imaging made available within 24 hours to our customers. No more waiting days to recover valued paperwork.

Our servers are contained in house allowing 24/7 technical support.

Over 15 years of consistant technology staff experience.

Need your paperwork quicker?
We offer realtime document access to all our customers for both archived and current loads.
Need load status updates?
With experience in EDI we offer full 214 status updates and can also manage web interface updates, email updates and of course direct person-to-person telephone updates.
Do you have special requirments for billing?
Our knowledgeable staff is ready to servcie your needs with billing via EDI 210's, email, fax or mailed paperwork depending on your current needs.
Are reports and partnership information something that would help your business?
Our Customer Service department is prepared to provide customized data reporting made available to customers any time they need it. We pride ourselves on having the data structered and easy to access as an added bonus for our loyal customer base.
Trying to help the enviroment by pushing your company to go GREEN?
Trans-Continental Systems, Inc. is right there working with you! We encourge and will do all we can to eliminate paper usage and offer many forms of GREEN solutions. Got questions? Just ask and we will be quick to assist.